What is a disciple?

Tuesday, 05 May 2015 20:01

Looking back to our service this past weekend, it was a sweet time of God’s presence. The band was scaled down, but God was there. As the people interacted with other, God was there. As the Word of God was proclaimed, God was there. No doubt about it, God with us and He was speaking to us.


We got to look at what genuine discipleship looks like. This is something that we have been called do – it’s  God’s design and plan for the church. At the heart of being a Christian is that we are disciples – and in particular, disciples who make disciples. This is what Jesus commanded us to do (see Matthew 28:19-20).


Yet, it’s not always something that we are good at doing. C.S. Lewis has said, “There exists in every church something that sooner or later works against the very purpose for which it came into existence. So we must strive very hard, by the grace of God to keep the church focused on the mission that Christ originally gave it.”


The question then arises, if we are called to be disciples and called to make disciples, is, “what is a disciple?”  Reflecting on this past Sunday, here are some of the pointers to provoke thinking towards being disciples:

  • A disciple is someone who follows Jesus wholeheartedly
  • A disciple is one who is growing to know Jesus fully – the life of a maturing disciple shows an increasing understanding of fullness of Christ’s work.
  • A disciple is one who is learning to worship Jesus exclusively – this is because he sees that all of life is actually worship.
  • A disciple is one who is becoming more like Jesus continually – this is evidence of a genuine work of God’s Spirit in their life.
  • A disciple if one who is learning to serve Jesus enthusiastically – an attitude that exalts Jesus!
  • A disciple is one who is learning to live dependently  - they learn to live with genuine dependence upon the Holy Spirit.
  • A disciple is one who is loving people readily
  • A disciple is one who is ready to suffer joyfully – Phil 2:29


Looking at this gives us an idea of what we are called to be and what God has called us to make. It’s not a soft message but a high call that involves is forsaking our own live in order to follow Jesus. Jesus called us to count the cost (Luke 14:25,26, 33) and His challenge to us is that if we don’t we can’t be called His disciple.


Church – let’s strive to be a church that is what we should be and does what we’ve been called to do because we want God to be glorified in and through us!